Sunday, 15 January 2017

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hello everybody! It's nice to be back!

Hello from my new home which is now Ljubljana, Slovenia. I just moved here to do my placement. I'm studying in England, Brimingham and on my second year I am obligated to go on work placement for whole year.
 We could chose to go anywhere, having on mind that university has some offers in some countries, but if you don't like any of those, you can organise your own placement just like I did. The only thing is that you have to look for the company and everything is up to you. But shouldn't be a problem if you really want something so bad. I did my best to organise my own best placement and I made it. Now I am finally here and I started my placement 10 days ago.

I really like this country and this city. Ljubljana is great place to live and there are many reasons why. I explained that  on of my posts Ljubljana Travel Blog. There is one special thing that I like the most about this city and that is that you can see here so many people from all around the world. 

In the area where I live, there are many erasmus students so I don't even feel like stranger here. Also, I am struggling a bit with the language, but I'm originally from Croatia and there is some similarity with Slovenian, but not gonna lie, it is not that similar. The more I study the language the harder it gets, especially the grammar. But I am studying every day so I expect to speak fluently Slovenian in two months, hahah. Very optimistic, but I will. 

Moving to my outfit. My favourite fashion item here is my new coat. I just bought it few days ago and I can't stop wearing it. I actually found it on sales, it was 50% off in s.Oliver. I bought mine in Ljubljana and I will leave a link if you are interested to buy one as well , check it out here (not quite sure is it on sales if you want to buy it online, but you can go to the store and check out there). 

These boots I bought a year ago, they are from Primark. I wasn't quite sure should I buy boots in Primark or not just because maybe they are not good enough for snow and winter weather in general, but I have to say that they are pretty good. I really enjoy wearing them and they are warm and comfy. They were just £15. 

Finally, snow is here!! I am one of those people who never get bored of snow! I haven't seen snow in years, big proper snow and now it's finally here in Ljubljana. This is just beautiful!
Let me know what you think about this post and have a lovely week! :)



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  1. You look nice
    Love the boots!