Thursday, 26 January 2017

How do you define happiness?

Many people say that their goal in life is to be happy. But not everyone define happiness in same way. 
People often define happiness with "getting" something. For example, "I'll be happy when I get 1 000 000 EUROS." We want first to get something and then be happy. But is that definition of happiness? You get the money you wanted and you are "satisfied" with your life at that moment. Later, you'll find something else that you want and then again wait to be happy, IS HAPPINESS DEFINED AS WAITING OR AS BEING? You don't have to wait anything or anyone to be happy. START FROM WHERE YOU ARE, NOW. It sounds easy but it's not. This is a journey, journey of your life and working on yourself. It's not easy to be happy for people who got used to being happy only when they get something. It takes time to think happy and to work on happiness, but it doesn't cost you anything to try.

It doesn't matter how old are you. Happiness doesn't count years, it counts moments. You have to realise that everything is up to you. You will meet many people in your life, some of them will go and some of them will stay. But they have their purpose in your life. If some people leave you, that means that some better people are coming in your life. If something "bad" happens to you, that only means that something better is coming. That is the way I see this life. There are no bad things, there are no bad people. There are only better things and better people. I believe in that. May people who we consider as bad people are amazing to someone. That is why we have to look ourselves and think how can we bring something good to this world. 

Also, who do you compare yourself with? I used to compare myself with everybody else except with myself. When I changed that, I became happy. I realised that if you want to be better then compare yourself with yourself and just think how to be better person than that person you used to be. 

But first of all, be grateful. Gratitude is very important, but how much are we grateful. We always look for more, not saying it's bad, I am just saying that sometimes you have look around yourself and be grateful for every single thing, for small everyday things.
Wake up every morning and instead of checking your social media while eating breakfast and drinking coffee/tea appreciate moment and be grateful. Say all the things you are grateful for. 

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