Thursday, 26 January 2017

How do you define happiness?

Many people say that their goal in life is to be happy. But not everyone define happiness in same way. 
People often define happiness with "getting" something. For example, "I'll be happy when I get 1 000 000 EUROS." We want first to get something and then be happy. But is that definition of happiness? You get the money you wanted and you are "satisfied" with your life at that moment. Later, you'll find something else that you want and then again wait to be happy, IS HAPPINESS DEFINED AS WAITING OR AS BEING? You don't have to wait anything or anyone to be happy. START FROM WHERE YOU ARE, NOW. It sounds easy but it's not. This is a journey, journey of your life and working on yourself. It's not easy to be happy for people who got used to being happy only when they get something. It takes time to think happy and to work on happiness, but it doesn't cost you anything to try.

It doesn't matter how old are you. Happiness doesn't count years, it counts moments. You have to realise that everything is up to you. You will meet many people in your life, some of them will go and some of them will stay. But they have their purpose in your life. If some people leave you, that means that some better people are coming in your life. If something "bad" happens to you, that only means that something better is coming. That is the way I see this life. There are no bad things, there are no bad people. There are only better things and better people. I believe in that. May people who we consider as bad people are amazing to someone. That is why we have to look ourselves and think how can we bring something good to this world. 

Also, who do you compare yourself with? I used to compare myself with everybody else except with myself. When I changed that, I became happy. I realised that if you want to be better then compare yourself with yourself and just think how to be better person than that person you used to be. 

But first of all, be grateful. Gratitude is very important, but how much are we grateful. We always look for more, not saying it's bad, I am just saying that sometimes you have look around yourself and be grateful for every single thing, for small everyday things.
Wake up every morning and instead of checking your social media while eating breakfast and drinking coffee/tea appreciate moment and be grateful. Say all the things you are grateful for. 

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Blue backpack.

Hello! Happy Sunday! 
Today I have a new outift post. I am wearing a coat from the last post. It's definitely my go to coat and I wear it too often because of great quality and, in my opinion, it's beautiful, I always had black coats and jackets, but this time I decided to go for something different and lighter. 

I have some regular black jeans from Primark. Underneath my coat I have this jumper which is from Esprit. This jumper is great for this time of the year. It's warm and you can style it in many different ways. The way I like to wear it is simple like this because it's comfy and casual but also elegant. 
And these boots, I bought them few months ago in some store but I don't know the name of the store. I like them a lot, I like to wear them on casual days because they are comfy and you feel like you're wearing sneakers. I like to wear them when I'm working or going to university. They also are casual but still a bit elegant. I try to keep my style simple but elegant I would say. 
And there we have my blue backpack! It's not new at all. I actually got this backapck from my colleagues for my birthday, and not any birthday, for my 18th birthday which means that I got it 2 years ago. I was working during the summer, just before I moved to UK. And my colleagues decided to buy me a present for my birthday which was at the end of August and they got me this backpack. I haven't used it too often because I wasn't too much into wearing backpacks at that time, but now I am wearing it every single day. I like the material and the colour, It's very special to me. Also, I think that it's from Accesorize. 

I want to wish you great, productive week with a lot of joy and motivation. Don't forget to use your time investing in yourself and making the best out of every single day. Work hard every single day. You can create everything. The very first step in making a change is in changing your mindset. Once you have that done, you'll see the outcome! :)

Thursday, 19 January 2017

January thoughts.

Happy Wednesday! :)

Christmas holidays are gone, time to get up and do some work this year. :)
Many people make new decisions for the upcoming year and it's really nice to set up goals for the next 12 months. For some people those decisions make sense and they keep up with them, but for some people new year resolutions don't make sense at all. It depends what type of person you are.

I like to motivate myself every single day in different ways but my favourite way to motivate myself is to listen stories, stories about people who decided to change their life no matter what. I find that inspiring because I can clearly see that people who are motivated enough and want something they make it happen. Listening those stories I encourage myself to do more and to make the best of every single day. 

This January I'm focused on listening more and reading more. Actually, I would say that I'm working on myself. My ultimate life goal is to work on myself. Working on yourself is the best project you can invest in. Why? Because working on yourself you do your best in each area of your life and even if something doesn't go the best in the moment, that means that something better is coming. 

How do you spend your time?
We all have 24 hours a day. Yes, we have things to do during the day, like going to work, school, university and many other things that need to be done in a day, but many people like to come home after work, school to watch TV and relax. It's not wrong to relax, but you're complaining for not having enough time do work on something you like , there is your answer. You have time for that, but yoo used it for something else, for something called "comfort zone". Why not work on something that wev like? This is the life we have.

All successful people had as much time as we have now. The difference is just in one thing. They did something for themselfs, and it wasn't easy, but it was worth of it.
Make time and set your priorities.
Create youur life and live on your own way, life is your book. What do you want to write in that book?  

 This book is in Slovenian, you see how I'm trying to learn Slovenian :)
It's written by Lisa Nichols, Lisa is strong woman, powerful. She is a woman who inspires many people and motivates them how to live their life in a best way possible. I just started reading her book but I know a lot about her and this book is very good for motivation for amazing life!

The name of the book in English is: Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hello everybody! It's nice to be back!

Hello from my new home which is now Ljubljana, Slovenia. I just moved here to do my placement. I'm studying in England, Brimingham and on my second year I am obligated to go on work placement for whole year.
 We could chose to go anywhere, having on mind that university has some offers in some countries, but if you don't like any of those, you can organise your own placement just like I did. The only thing is that you have to look for the company and everything is up to you. But shouldn't be a problem if you really want something so bad. I did my best to organise my own best placement and I made it. Now I am finally here and I started my placement 10 days ago.

I really like this country and this city. Ljubljana is great place to live and there are many reasons why. I explained that  on of my posts Ljubljana Travel Blog. There is one special thing that I like the most about this city and that is that you can see here so many people from all around the world. 

In the area where I live, there are many erasmus students so I don't even feel like stranger here. Also, I am struggling a bit with the language, but I'm originally from Croatia and there is some similarity with Slovenian, but not gonna lie, it is not that similar. The more I study the language the harder it gets, especially the grammar. But I am studying every day so I expect to speak fluently Slovenian in two months, hahah. Very optimistic, but I will. 

Moving to my outfit. My favourite fashion item here is my new coat. I just bought it few days ago and I can't stop wearing it. I actually found it on sales, it was 50% off in s.Oliver. I bought mine in Ljubljana and I will leave a link if you are interested to buy one as well , check it out here (not quite sure is it on sales if you want to buy it online, but you can go to the store and check out there). 

These boots I bought a year ago, they are from Primark. I wasn't quite sure should I buy boots in Primark or not just because maybe they are not good enough for snow and winter weather in general, but I have to say that they are pretty good. I really enjoy wearing them and they are warm and comfy. They were just £15. 

Finally, snow is here!! I am one of those people who never get bored of snow! I haven't seen snow in years, big proper snow and now it's finally here in Ljubljana. This is just beautiful!
Let me know what you think about this post and have a lovely week! :)