Saturday, 20 August 2016

5 Reasons Why Travelling Is So Amazing / YOUTUBE

Hi there! I have new video on my youtube channel where I am talking about travelling. I have few reasons why I think that travelling is so amazing and I decided to share them with you. 

I have always been passionate about travelling. There was something about it that I found inspiring and life changing. When I was a child I didn't have opportunity to travel but now that I am almost 20 years old, I feel like I can do anything and go anywhere. When you turn 18 and finish high school you feel like you own the whole world. It is amazing to be ambitious and do what you like doing. I moved to UK to study and it changed my life completely in a better way. I am so happy how things turned out for me even though when I came back home some things changed, I felt different, my friends changed , I changed, but at the end of the day all that is normal. I just think that we need to listen to ourselves and be on right path. I don't wanna go with this too far and write whole book about this so let's start with my top 5 travelling reasons! ;)

 - you get out of your everyday routine. You explore new places, new cultures and meet new people! 

- you have a chance to meet new people, their way of life and you have opportunity to share your experience with those people! 

- travelling is great opportunity for creating memories, life time memories that you won't ever forget. But my advice is to always take your notebook with you and write down everything that you have done on that trip! 

-  having "you" time is very important for our mental health. It is incredible to sit somewhere beautiful and have stunning view and just relax and enjoy. You actually connect with the nature! 

- wherever you travel you get the chance to know more about that place. You learn about the way of life, about culture, history of that place and you try new things! 

This is all for my new blog post, here is also my youtube video about travelling so take a look if you are interested and let me know what do you think and also don't forget to leave a comment and tell me why you like or don't like travelling! Enjoy your weekend , kisses! :*

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Ljubljana Travel Blog

One of my favorite places to visit is definitely Ljubljana which is the capital of Slovenia. Exploring new places has always been exciting and fun.  I spent one month in Slovenia and had the best time. I  often go to Ljubljana because my boyfriend lives there so I am always looking forward going there.
People always say that travelling makes us happy and since I was a child I was wondering why is it like that, what is so amazing about travelling and now I finally found an answer. It is not travelling that makes us happy, it is experience that we get. Travelling inspires us because we meet new place, new people, different culture, different people and then we see that we are all different and we live different way of life but there is at least one thing that we have in common, we are human beings. 

Ljubljana is known as a European Green Capital and for a reason. It is small by surface area, but huge when it comes to hospitality, tourism and quality of life.  If you decide to come to the city center you will find it the same as in any other city center, overcrowded and noisy even though Ljubljana has a river that goes through the city center, it's called Ljubljanica. It is beautiful especially because you can can find so many restaurants and cafe bars around by the river and the view is stunning. If you get bored of that, don't worry, take a ride around the center and you won't regret it. I saw so many parks, lakes, running areas, different sport activities, I many days exploring all the nature and still it was impossible to see all, but soon I am travelling to Ljubljana again so can't wait to see the rest.  ;)

Green Ljubljana has high level of healthy life. I am trying to have healthy life by eating healthy and by doing some sport, running, etc. Ljubljana is right place for being healthy. I was actually suprised when I saw so many people riding a bike. Some of them are riding a bike because of recreation, but some use it just to get somewhere, especially students. Also you will always find people doing sports, some people like to walk, some like to run (actually many people run :P ) , some exercise, it's amazing to see something like that. 

This is just one part of beautiful Ljubljana, but be ready to see even more in my future posts. Now, enjoy the pictures and let me know what is your favourite place to go and tell me did you like Ljubljana! Kisses! 

View from the Old Town :)

One more ;)

Old Town of Ljubljana 

Drinking strawberry - pineapple smoothie with my boyfriend in Old Town :D

City centre :)

Open Gallery with beautiful nature around :)

Many bikes around as you can tell :)
and some music/dance event in the background ;)

Green smoothie at Mr & Mrs Green :)
Smoothie obssesion going around :P

Delicious lunch at BTC at Mexican restaurant :D

Having best time at amazing event called in Slovenian "TuĊĦev Tek Barv". the challenge was to run 5 km with thousands of people and we were thorwing colour powder all around and run one circle of 5 km. We also got some equipment ( T-shirts, sunglasses, colour powder, small backpack with snacks and drinks). Atfer we came back we had fun playing around and drinking and eating snacks for free! How cool is that! It all started at 5PM and at 8PM DJ's were playing on the stage. My favourite DJ was playing, FEDDE LE GRAND! We had an amazing time that night and I can say for sure it was the best party ever, something different :D