Sunday, 3 July 2016


Making big decisions has never been easy but it has always been exciting. One of my biggest decisions ever was leaving my country which is Croatia to study in England. Why I decided to do that? I decided to do such a big step because I needed some change and I thought it's time to do something new, to make big step in my life. I was so sure about my decision and I made my dream come true. I worked hard whole summer (summer 2015) to save some money for England and then when I come there find some part time or even full time job. Nothing could stop me because I wanted to do that so hard. I moved to England in September 2015 with three friends of mine and soon, after maybe one month, month and a half we found a job, we were going to university and day by day we got use to it. I went to visit my familiy in February and now I am back home again. I finished my first year at university. By the way, I live in Birmingham and I go to University College Birmingham. This was just short review. But I would like to share some tips with you that I find interesting and helpful.

 1.       DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE MONEY. This is one of the most important things I want to say. I was worried a little bit about the money, but I was hoping to find a job soon and that was exactly what happened. If you decide to study in England, my advice is just to be patient and print many copies of your CV and leave it everywhere. It will work out for sure because in England you can find so many jobs for students, you just need to look for. Day by day you will find a way how to save money, for example I buy groceries I always go to Aldi because I found out that Aldi is cheaper then Tesco or Sainsbury. Small things can help you to save money.

       DON'T BE AFRAID TO MEET NEW PEOPLE. When I came to UK I was scared of new people. I thought that maybe they won't like me or something like that but soon I realised that it's not true. I became open for meeting new people, not only British, but people from all around the world because in Birmingham you'll find so many people from different countries. The best thing about that is that you learn so much from them because they have different culture and live in a completely different way. Some of them are in the same situation as you are so can you imagine how awesome is that?? J
 DON'T STRESS ABOUT YOUR ENGLISH. I think that I stressed to much and struggled with this for too long. Before I moved to UK, my English was good enough to move there and live there, but I thought it's not. I thought I have to speak perfectly and have no mistaked because if i make mistake people will laugh. Again, I was wrong. Through these 9 months i made many mistakes speaking English but that never stopped me to speak or to try be better. One thing that heleped me a lot was the fact that so many people live in UK but they are not British and they speak let's say „broken“ English. That helped me a lot because I thought I will be the only one who doesn't have perfect English. After few months I improved my English and I make mistakes now as well, on my blog you can find some mistakes in writing and you will find them on my youtube channel, but I won't feel down because I am getting better and better. There is one quote that I like a lot: NEVER MAKE OF SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS BROKEN ENGLISH. IT MEANS THEY KNOW ANOTHER LANGUAGE.
BEING ON YOUR OWN. This was the best thing ever. You wanna know why? Because you control your life on your own way. Yes, it is hard sometimes to take care of everything because you have so many things on your head but at the end of the day you feel proud of yourself and you mature. In the morning I would go to the gym (8AM) then I would go to university around 10:30AM or 11AM. I would come back home around 3PM or 4PM, cook some lunch and dinner and from 6PM till 12AM I had to be at work. Saturday was the only  
1.       day I was off. I am not complaining, I am just proud how things turned out for me. Don't be afraid to be on your own, even when you feel down, just remember how strong you are and how much did you do for yourself. J
YOUR NEW WAY OF THINKING. Talking about all this, you have to know that your perosnality will change in a better way. You will see the world, get new experiences, meet new people, get new oportunities and it will change you. Your life will change, you will lose some things, but you will get something else. Life changes all the time, it is all about you and how you handle all the cnhanges. J


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