Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ready for life and happiness.

Hello. :)
Today I decided to post something and I haven't posted anything since June I believe. Well.... I'm back and my new outfit post is up!
The weather is changing a lot recently and I don't know what to wear anymore,haha. Anyway, today was really sunny and it was great day to spend it outside with friends or family,to go for a walk or something like that. I didn't want to feel uncomfortable in jeans so I decided to wear my black leggings ,I bought them this summer in H&M,love them so much. To look little more fancy I put on my white shirt which has a lot of red kisses printed on and I found that so cuteee,I got this shirt for my 18th birthday which was on 27th August, can't even believe I'm 18 already,haha :)
Because it was little cold I put also my denim jacket , it's definitely my favorite one, I bought it in Mango and it's the best denim jacket I ever had!
I got my pair of black Converse shoes and I wear them non stop because I can wear them with anything.

I also wanted to say something to all of you. I'm 18 now and I realised how much it's important to enjoy in life...Everyday is a new chance and new opportunity, we must try and do our best in every day. Never let others let you down, believe in yourself and every morning decide to be in good mood. It's all about you and if you want change your life ,do it right now, in this moment. Do what makes you happy. :)))

So,that's  it for this post. Hope you'll like it, tell me what do you think in comments and of course tell me about your blog!
Have a nice week and enjoy life! Kisses,ello!



  1. great outfit. I really like the way you write :)

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