Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunny ,happy days.

Helloooo! :D
I can't believe that it's already Juneee! but I'm so happy  because in June I'm going on summer break! ^^
I will be posting a lot this summer, I'm really excited about that. :D
I'm enjoying right now, the weather is great and that always puts me in the good mood. :)
So for today's post I'm wearing something more elegant and fun. I am wearing my favorite ripped jeans ,they are so amazing and comfy, the quality is great , I wear them often ,they are from Mango. :)
To make this outfit elegant I put on my ivory shirt,I think it's so beautiful, it's from H&M, you can wear it on so many different ways, it can look casual like this but also it can look elegant with some nice skirt , and the colour is great ,too! ^^
I added my red necklace , which looks totally nice with this outfit!
I'm also wearing my sunglasses, I think they're sweet ,but I found some cool sunglasses at H&M and I will buy them definitely,haha. :))
I hope you'll like this post ,tell me in the comments what do you think and of course tell me about your blog!
How was your week? Are you already on summer break ?? If you are, I hope you are having a great time, big hugs and kisses!  Enjoy in life! :*