Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Hello! :D
I had some plans for yesterday ,I wanted to take photos at one special place, but I couldn't because it was raining and today I couldn't go there, but I'm pretty sure that you'll see that beautiful place on my next post! :))
I love taking pictures on some amazing and beautiful places,  it makes pictures much better and it's really great having beautiful and fun background! ^^
I adore travelling and every time I go somewhere I have to take like 100 photos, it's nice to have memories, right? :))
Back to the post.... OK, so I'm wearing my new shoes and my new jeans. So, I found these shoes at Deichmann,they are really inexpensive and so comfy, I love this red colour ,it's so amazing and perfect for the spring, you can wear something very simple ,but adding these shoes your outfit looks much better and fashionable! I am wearing them a lot and hope you'll like them too! :)
And these jeans, oh my God, I love them so much! They are perfect ,I know I say that for every pair of my jeans, but...these are really perfect, they are high-waisted and after a long time I bought bright jeans , the most comfortable jeans I ever had! :D
I am also wearing this white T-shirt , nothing special ,but it's sweet and I added this oversized shirt which is nice,too! 
My grey bandana with some blue details it's also here and that's it for this post! I hope you'll like it and leave a comment telling me what do you think about this outfit  and don't forget to leave a link of your blog ,I'll check it out definitely! Have a nice week and enjoy in your life every day , kisses! 

                                                                       M. <3

Monday, 21 April 2014

Mickey Mouse.

Helloooo! ^^
What's up guys? How are you today? :))
I wanted to publish outfit post yesterday ,but it was Easter and I was just eating and eating and having great time with my family and friends,haha.  ^^
Anyway, I am wearing something casual today, it's Monday aka lazy day. :P
Nothing special about this outfit except this sweet and adorable Mickey Mouse T-shirt , this is definitely my favorite T-shirt, I mean ,who doesn't love Mickey ??
I added my black cardigan because it was little cold , it's some rainy day....
I am wearing my denim shorts ,they are from Amadeus.
Underneath I have black tights.
I also added my bandana and I'm wearing my black Vans.
That's it for this post.
By the way, do you like the background? I found this place very interesting and the house is so beautiful, what do you think?
Tell me what do you think about my outfit and background in the comments and of course tell me about your blog ,I'll definitely check it out! :D
Have a nice week and enjoy in life,kisses

                                                                                             M. <3

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Spring break.

Hello there! :D
I know I haven't been posting anything this week ,but I was really busy. I'm on spring break and I was travelling so I didn't have time for my blog. I took these beautiful pictures and I wanted to share them with you. I had great time and I hope you'll like this post.
I was at Split, beautiful city in Croatia. I love sea and I can't even imagine myself living somewhere without sea,but who knows. ;)
My next post will come soon, it will be outfit post, I think I will post it tomorrow!
If you like this post comment and tell me how did you spend your spring break! Kisses!

                                                                                  M. <3