Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Hello. Welcome to my fashionland. :))

This is my favorite outfit for this winter time. Wearing a sweater ,under sweater a shirt, favorite jeans, boots , cap and jacket or coat is definitely my choice for winter. 

These jeans I bought a few years ago, I don't remember where , anyway , the colour is great and material,too. A few months ago ,I decided to make them more interesting so I took scissors and made this. Now they look more in my style.  ;)

I found this shirt in my brother's closet, now is in my closet. I wear it often and it's really comfy. :)

This sweater I got from my mom. It goes great with everything and it's warm, although, here where I live ,in Croatia, it's not very cold momently.... 

Finally ,my boots! I was looking for so long some good and warm boots and I found these in one boutique in my town. In my opinion, they look amazing,very different from any others that I had before. I adore them! :D

I hope you'll like my blog,if you do, follow me and tell me about your blog! ;)


                                          M. <3