Sunday, 26 January 2014

live simply.

This outfit was appropriate for the weather outside. It was so cold,brrrrrr! Although ,I should replace this blouse with some good sweater, but this is so typical for me.... ;)

You can see cap on my head, again! I just love caps and this one is from New Yorker, I can always find some nice and sweet things there. I wanted so much white/ivory cap and I finally have one and material is so adorable! :D

I wore this coat on my last post so I have nothing new to say about it. :P

This blouse is from H&M , the colour it's not pure white, it's more like ivory. It has some nice details ,but you can't see it on these pictures.

These jeans ... are the best! I bought them a few months ago ,they are from Mango. I wear them often because they are so comfy, quality is great.

And let's not forget my necklace, I got it from my friend for my birthday , I think it's sweet.

Hope everyone had nice weekend!  :))


                                                            M. <3

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Hello. Welcome to my fashionland. :))

This is my favorite outfit for this winter time. Wearing a sweater ,under sweater a shirt, favorite jeans, boots , cap and jacket or coat is definitely my choice for winter. 

These jeans I bought a few years ago, I don't remember where , anyway , the colour is great and material,too. A few months ago ,I decided to make them more interesting so I took scissors and made this. Now they look more in my style.  ;)

I found this shirt in my brother's closet, now is in my closet. I wear it often and it's really comfy. :)

This sweater I got from my mom. It goes great with everything and it's warm, although, here where I live ,in Croatia, it's not very cold momently.... 

Finally ,my boots! I was looking for so long some good and warm boots and I found these in one boutique in my town. In my opinion, they look amazing,very different from any others that I had before. I adore them! :D

I hope you'll like my blog,if you do, follow me and tell me about your blog! ;)


                                          M. <3