Sunday, 7 December 2014

A December to remember.

Bok ,ljudi! 
Odlučila sam pisati svoj blog i na engleskom i na hrvatskom jeziku. Uistinu volim pisati i na taj se način izražavati,nadam se da će vam se svidjeti,  vaša mišljenja pišite u komentare i ostavite link svog bloga,rado ću ga posjetiti. :)
Ovaj post bih posvetila nadolazećim blagdanima i veselju koje nosi prosinac. Ne znam za vas,ali ja sam jedna od onih uživljenih ljudi koji po mišljenjima mnogih pretjeruju s veseljem i uživljenošću. Također,jedna sam od onih što dekoriraju svoje sobe u božićnom duhu početkom studenoga,ako ste i vi poput mene, recite mi to u komentarima. :)
Volim sve vezano za mjesec prosinac, od hladnih ,rosnih jutara provedenih u toplom krevetu uz šalicu vruće čokolade i najdražu knjigu ili film,preko popodnevnih druženja s omiljenom ekipom i šetnji  predivnim ,bogato okićenim gradskim ulicama popraćenim crvenim nosevima, toplim kapama, rukavicama, veselim ,pomalo drhtavim glasom i naravno bijelim pahuljama što se pomalo zadržavaju po krovovima i tlu i rade bijelu prosinačku plahtu sve do  romantičnih noći uz kamin , uz mali tračak svjetlosti i zvuka vatre što pucketa koji se jedva čuje jer je atmosfera popraćena omiljenim albumom božićnih pjesama... 
Zaljubljena sam u prosinac i ako niste dosada,uživajte i radujte se svakom danu ,svaki novi dan je novi početak i o tome odlučujete samo vi ,iskoristite vrijeme maksimalno i neka vas ponese čarolija vaših srca. 

I decided to write my blog on English and Croatian language. I really like writing, I hope you'll like it, your opinions leave in comments and leave link of your blog, I'll check it out! :)
This post is all about holidays that are coming soon and the joy which brings december. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those empathetic people who according to many overreact with joy. Also, I'm one of those who decorate their rooms in christmas spirit at the beginning of november,if you're like me, tell me in the comments. :)
I love everything related for month of december ,from cold,dew mornings spent in cozy bed with cup of hot chocolate and favorite book or movie,through afternoon meetings with your favorite people and walks through beautiful, richly decorated city streets accompanied by red noses,warm hats, gloves, happy, tremulous voice and of course white flakes which retain on the roofs and the floor and make white december sheet up to romantic nights by the fireplace,with small ray of light and sound of fire crackling which is hardly audible because the atmosphere is accompanied with favorite Christmas album...
I'm in love with december and if you have not so far enjoy and rejoice every day,each new day is a new beginning , make the best of every day and let yourself be carried by the magic of your hearts! 

P.S. Ovo je moj grad Šibenik u božićnom duhu. Predivno izgleda, nadam se da se i vama sviđa.

P.S. This is my town Šibenik in Christmas spirit. It looks beautiful,I hope you like it ,too.

M.B. :)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ready for life and happiness.

Hello. :)
Today I decided to post something and I haven't posted anything since June I believe. Well.... I'm back and my new outfit post is up!
The weather is changing a lot recently and I don't know what to wear anymore,haha. Anyway, today was really sunny and it was great day to spend it outside with friends or family,to go for a walk or something like that. I didn't want to feel uncomfortable in jeans so I decided to wear my black leggings ,I bought them this summer in H&M,love them so much. To look little more fancy I put on my white shirt which has a lot of red kisses printed on and I found that so cuteee,I got this shirt for my 18th birthday which was on 27th August, can't even believe I'm 18 already,haha :)
Because it was little cold I put also my denim jacket , it's definitely my favorite one, I bought it in Mango and it's the best denim jacket I ever had!
I got my pair of black Converse shoes and I wear them non stop because I can wear them with anything.

I also wanted to say something to all of you. I'm 18 now and I realised how much it's important to enjoy in life...Everyday is a new chance and new opportunity, we must try and do our best in every day. Never let others let you down, believe in yourself and every morning decide to be in good mood. It's all about you and if you want change your life ,do it right now, in this moment. Do what makes you happy. :)))

So,that's  it for this post. Hope you'll like it, tell me what do you think in comments and of course tell me about your blog!
Have a nice week and enjoy life! Kisses,ello!


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunny ,happy days.

Helloooo! :D
I can't believe that it's already Juneee! but I'm so happy  because in June I'm going on summer break! ^^
I will be posting a lot this summer, I'm really excited about that. :D
I'm enjoying right now, the weather is great and that always puts me in the good mood. :)
So for today's post I'm wearing something more elegant and fun. I am wearing my favorite ripped jeans ,they are so amazing and comfy, the quality is great , I wear them often ,they are from Mango. :)
To make this outfit elegant I put on my ivory shirt,I think it's so beautiful, it's from H&M, you can wear it on so many different ways, it can look casual like this but also it can look elegant with some nice skirt , and the colour is great ,too! ^^
I added my red necklace , which looks totally nice with this outfit!
I'm also wearing my sunglasses, I think they're sweet ,but I found some cool sunglasses at H&M and I will buy them definitely,haha. :))
I hope you'll like this post ,tell me in the comments what do you think and of course tell me about your blog!
How was your week? Are you already on summer break ?? If you are, I hope you are having a great time, big hugs and kisses!  Enjoy in life! :*


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Catch my breath.

Hello!! :))
How are you? What's up?
I know I haven't been posting for almost three weeks,but I was quite busy with my school because in a few weeks I'm going on the summer break!! I can't wait! I'm so excited beacuse I love summer so much, I have so many plans for this summer! I live in Croatia and it's awesome here during summer, there are so many people from so many different countries and it's just crazy, the atmosphere  is just amazing and yeah, can't wait,haha.  ;)
Anyway, today I decided to wear my pink shorts, last time I wore them was last summer and they are my favorite so I was really happy to wear them today beacause the weather is great, it's sunny all the time so... pretty amazing. :)
Also, they are high waisted and they are really comfy and this bright pink is  cute for the summer time!
I paired them with my white T-shirt and I also added this shirt to make my outfit more fashionable and I think it looks sweet!
And of course, here is my grey bandana with these blue details and my Vans shoes!
That's it for this post, tell in the comments what do you think about my outfit and don't forget to tell be about your blog,I'll check it out definitely! Have a nice week and enjoy in life! Kisses!

                M. <3